Study Plans for a Successful Project Management Preparation.

A Successful Project Management Campaign includes qualifying for the exams first of all and after that formulating a plan to pass them. You need a well planned preparation. Then you will need a study plan. There can be many different ways to prepare. Actually it differs persons to person. Perseverance, motivations are the factors that help in this factor. But there is a general method of formulating a study plan that will probably help anyone.

The first step in formulating the study is to set a mission or a goal. Before getting into a study plan you will need a prime motivating factor to get you going. These exams and the processes can turn out be quite a lot hectic so, making sure why you want to do this is very important. Setting such motives will come to aid very much later on. Other than that you can plan your studies in the following manner

a)Exam Central, which had 200 questions

b) PM study, which had 200 questions.

At the end of it, read more and more of Mulcay and PMBOK and give more examinations; by the Mulcay’s test, try and increase your percentage by atleast18%. Fill up the last three days with 2 full tests. It might prove to be beneficiary to not lay your hands on any books on the penultimate day because that will keep your mind fresh when the examinations come nearer. On the last day go over all the things again and just try to remain as calm as you possibly can.

Your study plan may be summarized and generalized in 6 points as follows:

1) Read Project Management Book OF Knowledge (PMBOK) and Rita Mulcay’s books vigorously.

2) Make notes (handwritten ones). They are much more effective and humanly and they help you a lot.

3) Solve the sample questions given in Rita Mulcahy’s book and keep a general eye at your progress.

4) Give as many sample examinations as possible.

5) Make a study routine, yes that lie within your study plans.

6) Join online forums or seek for online videos for assistance on generating new ideas.

Last but not the least the mantra for a successful Project Management Preparation: Relaxation. Relax do what you like at times, keep working hard. After you’ve done that there is nothing that is going to stop you from a quality certification.

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