Why do you need PMI certification

Project management institute, known as the PMI is a nonprofit organization offering a range of certifications suiting your professional skills.

The certifications offered by PMI are:

PMP- Project management professional is one of the most famous and recognized certification for project managers.

CAMP- Certified Associate in Project Management is for those who are new in the project management field. It builds a good base for the beginners.

PgMp- The program management professional certification has multi-fold scopes. It is designed for candidates with a good level experience in the project manage field and are able to manage multiple complex projects to target strategic results.

PFMP- Portfolio management Professional covers the advanced skills and experience of portfolio managers and tests their aptitude in coordinated management for achieving organizational results.

PMI-SP- The professional management scheduling professional is a specialization

PMI-ACP - PMI Agile Certified Practitioner is for professionals who wish to take agile project management approaches for their projects.

PMI Risk Management Professional is a certification designed to identify credential the competencies of an individual in assessing risks and threats of a project and utilizing the opportunities.

The PMI Scheduling Professional is certification for individuals having their focus on marinating and developing project schedules.

OPM3 Professional Certification identifies your experience and knowledge regarding project management.

Increased market value:

Usually your education and experience is enough to determine whether you are eligible for a position regarding your selecting field in the organization or not. However, PMI certifications have significantly increased the market value of individuals with certifications. More and more international organizations value the employees with PMI certification giving the employees better incentives and secure position in the organization. The chances of getting hired are significantly increased. According to surveys the certification is likely to reward you a raise of at least 15% in salary. With a PMI certification organizations are bound to give you incentives for your increased demand and chances of getting hired at better pay rates.

Meet New Clients

Giving you a common ground with the international clients, PMI opens doors for you to meet and interact with new clients. These certifications are regarded as an important factor contributing to your hiring possibility by clients. Clients consider those individuals who are certified for consultancy and for freelancing projects. According to a survey professionals who are certified claimed to have targeted four times more clients by being certified. PMI having a standard exam allows clients and professionals from all around the globe to communicate in a language that is familiar to both sides.

International Recognition :

PMI certification as highly recognized globally is a key to easily interact and work with international companies. If you plan to with a new organization after migrating, the certification on your resume gives you an immediate reorganization, proving you eligible for the position you are applying for. PMI certification is in the trend. Companies like IBM, American Express are encouraging individuals with PMI certification also making it a must requirement of employment. Many other companies increase your pay rate if you are certified.


PMI certification increases your credibility proving your skills and knowledge for the project management decisions. The certification naturally proves your professional and ethical conduct. PMI certification represents you as professional and knowledgeable individual, increasing your chances of receiving more incentives. You receive better incentives, bonuses and rise in pay rate each year if you are PMI certified.

Easy competition with competitors

After obtaining this certification you are naturally above your competitors. Your certification immediately enhances your position giving you a stronger edge in the project management field. After seeking advanced professional qualification you are allowed to guide your fellow project managers and transfer your knowledge to them. PMI certified professionals claim that they have supported their fellow project managers who are not certified with guidance and information at several projects.

Faster promotions:

Increasing your market value instantly you get promoted more quickly than before. As a report from the survey suggests, 20% jobs are more available for the PMP and CAMP certified professionals. There is a 15% more chance of growth each year if you are PMI certified. Another survey report suggests a 15-30% rise in salary for being PMI certified. Other than being promoted in an organization you are internationally regarded as a prestigious project manager with your chances of being demanded at several occasions for assistance and advice. Project managers with these certifications also play an important role of consultancy and advisory.

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