Essential knowledge for MCP examination

MCP certification is a training program for Microsoft technologies. Individuals receive certification after passing one or more exams. MCP certification is categorized by function that is server, desktop, database and developer. MCP certification provides the foundation or an initial step on your way to other Microsoft technical certification. It aims at providing individuals with the necessary skill to successfully use Microsoft technology in providing a business solution in an organization.

MCP certification Requirement

A MCP candidate is required to pass at least one MCP test which is used as a basis of measuring the individuals basic knowledge in the use of Microsoft product

What you need to know about MCP certification exam

What MCP certification exam entails

MCP certification exam focuses on two key platform that is the Microsoft operating system and server OS. Microsoft windows exams has the following examinable topics

For the Microsoft 2000 sever exam the following are the key topics a candidate should be familiar with while preparing for the exam

Study tips for MCP exam

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