Basic Prerequisites for ITIL certification:

The ITIL certification is in great demand nowadays. It is the most growing IT management certification. Of course its importance signifies some level of fundamentals for getting the certification. You will need to give an examination to earn a certification but there are procedures and other fundamentals for examinations too. First of all one needs to know about the different types of certifications and how o they differ from each another. There are four levels of ITIL certification. They are:

Let us try and have a basic understanding of these different types of certifications and what are their specific prerequisites, this would make things more precise and more helpful than having a general idea of ITIL certification as a whole.

There are basically no prerequisites for ITIL Foundations. Actually ITIL Foundations certification is in itself a prerequisite for other level of ITIL certifications. The primary reason for taking this certification is to have basic mandatory understanding of ITIL terminologies and ITIL as a whole. So, the basic prerequisite for this ITIL Foundations certification is the understanding of ITIL keywords and terminology. After gaining enough information and knowledge regarding the subject you have to give an examination and pass the examination for that matter. That is all required for ITIL Foundations Certifications.

Overall, you will require an ITIL V3 Foundation Certificate and experience in the subject field. You will need experience and trainings on various ITIL fields.

So, these are the things about ITIL prerequisites. The prerequisites differ along with different types of ITIL certifications. The core fact of the matter is that you need to have basic intuitive ideas about ITIL terms and you should take things one at a time.

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