CAPM: The roadway to successful exam

CAPM stands for Certified Associate in Project Management It is a valuable entry-level industry-recognized certification that is architected for both who are new in the field of project management and well-known. It is the way of leading your career to the right path no matter if you are entry-level or have been serving the project management.

CAPM exam is a way of demonstrating yourunderstanding ofthe fundamental knowledge, terminology and processes of effective project management. One must demonstrate a throughout understanding of the Project Management Body of Knowledge(PMBOK) to join the growing ranks of CAPM-certified managers in a demanding 3 hours test.

Since the syllabus has been changed, one doesn’t have a baseline to start with. There are various online resources and applications that are now helpful for the exams. But for successfully passing the exams, a lot of other things are to be kept in mind.

Referencing from the PMBOK guide book

The PMBOK guide book is a reference book that is given to every exam giver while applying for the exam. It is a standard guide to the CAPM exam that contains latest guidelines that lead to a successful exam. Based on the book, there are 9 knowledge areas that are to be concerned

Project management, charter and its closure are the three processes that are developed fromIntegration Management. It is very important as it provides the overall view of the project. Using the tools such as EVA, NPV and IRR, the outcomes can be enhanced in future.

For successfully broadening the work,Scope Management is focused. It is useful for creating a project among the outcomes of this process. Breaking down of the work structure and accepting deliverables should be more focused. It provies baselines to which we compare the ongoing projects, that makes it the most important part in any project.

Communication Management is the criteria relating to performance reporting that gives more value to the project. For enhancing the project and to create a very good starting point for the project, a well managed meeting is very important.

A project manager has to face a lot of risks during the project management. Identification of risks, its analysis and monitoring are the procedures that require more practice. Some tools that can play an important role in project management are Tornado diagrams, SWOT analysis and decision tree analysis

Cost Management, Quality Management and Procurement Management is some areas that need less exposure. But that doesn’t claim them as less important.

Cost Management is an important topic as it helps to reach the cost expectations of the stakeholders. Cost variance, schedule variance, cumulative CPI, schedule performance index, etc are the measures that can be used. The values and their analysis can help for a more effective project cost.

The processes that are included in Quality Management are quality performing, perform quality control and perform quality assurance. One sacrifices the attribute of quality for everything else including time, cost, etc. Some ideas that can be useful to measure quality are Pareto-charts, Flow charting, scatter diagrams and use of popular sic sigma

The sales department controls the Procurement Management and it needs least exposure. To assist in better management of the project, it is useful to understand the nature of different types of contracts and the roles of buyers and sellers

Understanding the Key-points

There are certain things that are to be noted while going through the PMBOK. Identification of key points is very necessary. The guide contains a lot of topics and processes that can consume a lot of time. Therefore, only the important topics should be highlighted and understood well. For instance, the processes of Cost management, Time management, Human resource management, etc are some of the topics that are to be kept in mind. The numerical of Cost management and Time management are simpler than other numerical that are more realistic and complex

Time management and online helps.

It is very important for both the newly and previously knowns to make a good management of time One should schedule for all the topics and also make time for revision. For this, it is important to understand the processes and topics, and also, as previously mentioned, identify the key points. Plus, there are a lot of applications and websites online that can be helpful for a successful CAPM exam. One can utilize and research the online resources and promote their exam performance.

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