What new in adword certification

Adword certification is an internationally recognized training program with an aim of impacting knowledge on the use of adwords. adwords is an online advertising service hosted by Google. Adword certification is subdivided in to two types of certification the individual certification and company certification.In the recent times internet search engine Google has effected many changes to the adword certification program to enhance it user friendliness. Google main aim was to make it easier for advertisers in finding and contacting certified partners more easily. It has also lowered both training and operating cost so that the users can effectively help advertisers get the most out of Google adwords.

The following is a list of changes on the adword certification program put in place recently

Effects of the changes to already certified professionals

Effects on Google certified partner companies

With all these changes on the Google certification program there are still some other features that remain the same, for instance company requirement for certification has had no changes.

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